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Belogradchik Cliffs & Caves Tour

Belogradchik Cliffs & Caves Tour can be organised all year round.

Belogradchik Cliffs Natural Park had a nomination for „The New 7 Wonders Of The World“ contest in 2007. The Belogradchik Cliffs are unique rock-formations located on the western slopes of the Balkan Mountains. The rocks vary in color primarily from red to gray to yellow. Some of the formations reach up to 200m in height. Many of the rocks have fantastic shapes and are associated with interesting legends. This marvelous natural phenomenon was carved by dripping rain water and strong winds over a period of 200 million years.

If you are interested in visiting caves, there is a variety of options, both tourist and wild caves. The most famous tourist caves in the area are Magurata Cave and Venetsa Cave. We are providing head lamps in a case you choose to visit a wild cave.

We are going to pick you up at 09:00 from your accommodation place. Our trip to Belogradchik takes approximately 3 hours each way. Once we get there, we are going to visit the fortress, which is situated in the heart of the park. After that we are going to do a hike between the cliffs. We can have a lunch in a restaurant in the area. Arriving back to Sofia around 20:00.


Group Tour 1-3 persons – 200 EUR per tour

Group Tour 4-12 persons – 50 EUR per person

Group Tour 13 or more persons – by request

Private Tour 1-3 persons – 270 EUR per tour

Private Tour 4-6 persons – 360 EUR per tour

Private Tour 7 or more persons – by request

Group Tour – You are going to share the trip with other travelers

Private Tour – Just you, no other people

All prices include transportation and English speaking attendants.