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Melnik-Rozhen Monastery Tour

Melnik Tour can be organised all year round.

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, known for its wine, beautiful old white houses and the great towering sand rocks among its surroundings. In the 13th century Melnik was the capital of the little kingdom ruled by Alexis Slav.

Rozhen Monastery is the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountains Area, one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries well preserved until today. The earliest archaeological evidence of medieval life at the place is from the 13th century. The monastery church was built before the 15th century and painted in 1597; some of those frescoes are preserved.

We are going to pick you up at 09:00 from your accommodation place. Our trip to Melnik takes approximately 3 hours each way. Once we get there, we are going to start with visiting Rozhen Monastery, where from we can do an hour hike down the valley of Melnik Pyramids. After that is time for exploring the town and having a lunch. The next step on our journey is visiting the Kordopulov House, where you can taste some typical local wine. After that, we can optional go to a wine cave where you can taste seven different types of Melnik Wines, both red and white. We can also go uphill to the ruins of a small monastery, where from the view over the town of Melnik is impressive. Arriving back to Sofia around 21:00.


Group Tour 1-3 persons – 140 EUR per tour

Group Tour 4-12 perons – 35 EUR per person

Group Tour 13 or more persons – by request

Private Tour 1-3 persons – 190 EUR per tour

Private Tour 4-6 persons – 250 EUR per tour

Private Tour 7 or more persons – by request

Group Tour – You are going to share the trip with other travelers

Private Tour – Just you, no other people

All prices include transportation and English speaking attendants.