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Rila Monastery-Melnik Tour

Rila Monastery-Melnik Tour can be organised all year round.

Rila Monastery is situated in the South-West part of Bulgaria, built in the 10th century, between 927-941, in the deep valley of Rilska River, at an elevation of 1147m above sea level. Since 1983 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rila Monastery is the most popular tourist attraction in Bulgaria. Rila Monastery is the oldest and the biggest monastery in Bulgaria.

Ivan Rilski (876-946) was the first Bulgarian hermit. The legend says that Saint Ivan Rilski has helped people by doing miracles.

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria, known for its wine, beautiful old white houses and the great towering sand-rocks among its surroundings. In the 13th century Melnik was the capital of the little kingdom ruled by Alexis Slav.

We are going to pick you up at 09:00 from your accommodation place. Our trip to Rila Monastery takes approximately 2 hours. Once we get there, you can have up to 2 hours to discover Rila Monastery and the museums inside. After having visited the monastery, you can taste mekitsi, traditional Bulgarian donuts, at the little bakery on the corner, right outside of the monastery. After that we are going to the cave where Ivan Rilski, the founder of the monastery, was living as a hermit. Depending on the weather, we can drive a little further to a place where there is great view over the mountains. There are a few nice restaurants in the area, where we can have a lunch. Another 2 hours on the road and we arrive in Melnik – The Wine Town. The tour includes walking around the town, visiting Kordopulov House which is representing the local way of life and the relationship between men and wine. We can add to the tour visiting of a Wine Cave where you can taste 7 types of local wines, both red and white. If you like hiking also a half an hour hike can be added to a place with a wonderful view over Melnik and the Melnik Pyramids. Arriving back to Sofia around 21:00.


Group Tour 1-3 persons – 180 EUR per tour

Group Tour 4-12 perons – 45 EUR per person

Group Tour 13 or more persons – by request

Private Tour 1-3 persons – 240 EUR per tour

Private Tour 4-6 persons – 320 EUR per tour

Private Tour 7 or more persons – by request

Group Tour – You are going to share the trip with other travelers

Private Tour – Just you, no other people

All prices include transportation and English speaking attendants.