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Vratsa Cliffs Tour

Vratsa Cliffs Tour can be organised all year round.

Vratsa Karst Nature Reserve includes the northern rocky slopes of the Vratsa Mountain in the West Balkan Mountain Range. The Reserve contains an impressive, continuous 10 km long rocky outcrop, divided in the middle by the Vratsata Gorge and Leva River. The vertical rock walls of the gorge reach 450m. These are the highest cliffs in the Balkans. The reserve is protected due to the numerous interesting geomorphological formations with a global significance – whirlpools, sinkholes, caves, gorges, vertical rock walls, abysses, etc.

Our Vratsa Cliffs Tour starts with picking you up at 09:00 from your accommodation place. The drive to Vratsa takes approximately 2 hours each way. You can optional choose visiting of Ledenika Cave. There are a few areas to visit, Skaklya Falls, the highest temporary waterfall in Bulgaria (March-May) with its 141 metres, Vratsata Cliffs, rising up to 400 metres, the ruins of Vratsata Fortress (10th-12th century), Ritlite Cliffs… Arriving back to Sofia around 20:00.


Group Tour 1-3 persons – 100 EUR per tour

Group Tour 4-12 persons – 25 EUR per person

Group Tour 13 or more persons – by request

Private Tour 1-3 persons – 150 EUR per tour

Private Tour 4-6 persons – 200 EUR per tour

Private Tour 7 or more persons – by request

Group Tour – You are going to share the trip with other travelers

Private Tour – Just you, no other people

All prices include transportation and English speaking attendants.